Replica Questions

What is a replica and why should I have one done?

A replica is a copy of a fish made from a mold off an actual (dead) fish. Thus, the detail is exact. The fish are casts from these molds in Urethane and Polyester resins (fibre-glass).


These fish blanks made in these cured resins will not shrink and are painted with acrylic lacquers (like car paints) and coated in UV clear coats which will virtually last forever.


The extra cost of generating the blank and the labor intensive paint job bring the price higher than traditional fish mounting.

Replica fish mounts are great for several reasons:

  • When you catch and release a big fish or you've gone on a trip fishing in a restricted harvesting area.

  • You've caught a salt water fish or trout. They are generally really oily and hard to skin mount. They are also hard to get back to a taxidermist and they taste good.

  • Decoration.

  • Finally, one of the most popular reasons for getting a replica done is hindsight. You had wished you would have kept a fish that you had let go for whatever reason. Just find the pictures, get me some measurements and Bam! You can have that memory back and on the wall.

There are blanks available for almost any fish in almost any size and pose you can imagine. I only work with the best blanks available.

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